"Hey Carter, It's The Creator of Brave Gowns! She's "Like" A Real Live Person."

On Friday I received a call from Carter's family. Carter was the little boy that was having surgery, but his gown was stuck at a USPS facility for a couple weeks. I had no idea he hadn't received it, but when the family friend that ordered the gown called me, I shipped it overnight. You can somewhat follow the story below and then I'll get back to my point... "I'm sharing this, not for a pat on the back, but to show you all who support and believe in Brave Gowns that I am doing everything I can to keep...

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Maya Is The Winner Of Our First 20 Gown Give-Away!

  We are so excited to be sending 20 Brave Gowns to, Maya, who will be handing the gowns out personally to children at Lurie's Children's Hospital in Chicago! We call her "Maya On A Mission!" Every day we get a little closer to putting a Brave Gown to the 3 million children battling an illness throughout the US. For information on how to sponsor a gown for a child currently on our waiting list, please go to Thank you!

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What Doctors & The Medical Industry Are Saying About Brave Gowns!

"At a time when many kids' bodies, physical appearance, and self esteem are ravaged by cancer and their associated treatment, Brave Gowns provides a wonderful source of comfort, joy, and much needed fun. It also makes access to wounds and IV ports much easier for healthcare providers. Above all, it is a very thoughtful solution for a very vulnerable patient population." -Paul Y. Song, MD Radiation Oncologist/ Husband of Lisa Ling   "Your hospital gown design will make children feel more dignified and safe, and will make them smile. The design is whimsical and the child can feel more playful....

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