Due to a wonderful holiday push for children and an incredible launch for Busy Philipp's Podcast merch our production time is a little different through January 10th. Mask orders will ship within 3 business days. All other products will ship within 7-10 business days. We are so grateful for everyone's support and are proud that all our products are made on demand with minimal waste. Thank you!

Check Out Our Masks For All Ages

Brave Gowns entire purpose is to make uncertain times, brighter through the eyes of a child. With over 150 solid colors  and unique designs, we have something for everyone...Even the biker, the baker, the peace maker. Don't forget to take a look at our masks with neck straps attached!


Brave Gowns Bring Smiles To All

Our gowns are the perfect way to bring comfort and fun when patients have to get something scary done! We use our fun designs to give everyone a little hope and normalcy at a time they need it most.


Custom Mask & Neck Gaiters

We have over 100,000 employees from municipalities, biotech companies, medical labs, military and government agencies using our masks. We love bringing your organization's logo to life while helping you keep your staff protected.  

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