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Brave Gowns are the perfect gift to give a child battling an illness or going in for a surgery! Not only our the prints fun and inspirational, the wrinkle-free, breathable material, IV & chest-port access with full back coverage makes the child feel like they have control and peace over their hospital stay.

Brave Gowns Are Magical Gowns That Empower Patients To Battle Any Illness!


Every 33 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer alone. It is our goal to make the experience less scary. Brave Gowns are changing the game in patient wear and patient care!

We are so enthusiastic about our project, because they are not your standard hospital gowns! Not only do they have fun prints that cover the entire front like costumes; they are made out of an amazingly soft fabric that resembles your soft, favorite t-shirt or nightgown! They have IV access on both sleeves, access to chest ports and heart monitors, a pocket for their favorite toy or candy and last but definitely not least; three panels for protection, which will allow the gowns to tie on the side, so no more having to worry about a draft or the back opening.

Brave Gowns are a variety of bright, fun, lively designs to suit every child's personality!  No more dingy, lifeless pastel gowns that look and feel as if they have been washed numerous times. 

Children have very limited control in their daily lives and especially when going through treatment for an illness. Becoming a superhero or a rockstar will allow them to access some sense of power during this scary time.

“At a time when many kids’ bodies, physical appearance, and self esteem are
ravaged by cancer and their associated treatment, Brave Gowns provides a
wonderful source of comfort, joy, and much needed fun. It also makes access to
wounds and IV ports much easier for health care providers. Above all, it is a very
thoughtful solution for a very vulnerable patient population.”
— Paul Y. Song, MD Radiation Oncologist/ Husband of Lisa Ling