Did you see or read a news story about a child in an accident or with a terminal illness? Do you follow a story or family on social media that is currently battling a terminal illness or has a surgery coming up? Do you have a family friend that has a surgery coming up or is being treated for something inpatient? Or you don't have a specific child in mind, but you love the concept? We can send the gown directly to a child for you.

Purchase a Gift-A-Gown, and leave the rest to us! You tell us the name of the child and the hospital and we'll find the correct address and point of contact and gift the gown from you directly! Let us do the work for you! It's the perfect way to Pay It Forward or do a random act of kindness! 

Being a sick kid stuck in the hospital is tough. Having to wear an old, uncomfortable hospital gown makes the experience even worse. A Brave Gown is a high-quality gown, that helps eliminate infections in chest port and makes it easier to access every part of a patients body! Brave Gowns are brightly colored gowns that replace unattractive, uncomfortable and embarrassing hospital garments. Brave Gowns are the perfect gift to send a child in the hospital!



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