About us

Mac & I during one of his Stem Cell Transplants. He wanted me to lay with him, but not to touch him. So very Mac!

HI, I'm Summer!

More than 3 million children are hospitalized in the United States. Every 33 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer and that's just one reason that children are admitted to the hospital.

Twelve years ago on Halloween, my family became one of those statistics. Little did we know we were about to be faced with the fight of our lives.My brother, my only sibling, was only 10 years-old.  I was 15 years-old older than him. We went from an office visit directly to the fight of our lives that ended up with us spending over a year in the hospital. I wish my story had a happy ending and I can tell you that my brother lived, but he is in heaven.  He fought a battle that they said was impossible, but he beat it. In the end, he went to heaven due to a medical error. 

My favorite memory of our journey was the following year once again on Halloween. My brother was in the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) and couldn't go Trick or Treating.  He was laying there in a dingy pale yellow hospital gown that looked like it had been washed hundreds of times. There was nothing festive about it. It did not represent his personality or the holiday that he so loved!  So I painted his face like a zombie. We were laughing so hard while I was painting it. Life felt a bit "normal" during this horrible time, but then we got in so much trouble! His skin practically peeled off, but all I could see behind it was his smile! He was so happy.  

Around Halloween of this year, I saw a picture of my friend's daughter that is now going through treatment and she was posing in her gown with a caption that read, "Maya trying to rock her blah hospital gown before her spinal tap!" That's when the idea of Brave Gowns hit me. Hospital gowns make you feel like just a number. They do not reflect these children's personalities. They do not bring hope!  

I knew we could do better and set out to do so, but what I didn't know was that the hospital gowns haven't been updated for over 150 years and nurses and doctors everywhere wanted a change. That's exactly what we intend to bring them!

For more information please email us at (310)883-4041 or email info@bravegowns.com


*Due to the nature of the product and risk of infection, once gowns are opened, unless there is a defect, gowns are non-returnable. Thank you in advance for any inconvenience.