Sponsor a Blippi Brave Gown for a Hospitalized Child

$ 25.00

We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with Moonbug Entertainment to create Blippi Brave Gowns! Blippi is a beloved children's show that explores the wonders of the world to excite and inspire children. Blippi's content, geared towards teaching empathy and resilience to children, is loved by millions. Blippi Brave Gowns will bring patients the hope, comfort and smiles they need to get through their hospital treatment.  

We would love for you to sponsor a Blippi Brave Gown with us. We do our best to make sure that all children can wear Blippi Brave Gowns while hospitalized, whether or not their family can afford one. Together we can provide these children with a sense of normalcy and a boost of bravery on their journey. Hospitalized children will be so grateful to receive their very own Blippi Brave Gown gifted to them from you!

Sponsor a Gift-A-Gown, and leave the rest to us!

To learn more about Blippi please go to:


*About Brave Gowns

Being a child in the hospital is often a traumatizing experience. Having to wear an old, uncomfortable hospital gown makes the experience even worse. We know first hand that the spirit of a child is very important to nurture. Especially when hospitalized.  Brave Gowns are brightly colored gowns that replace unattractive, uncomfortable and unwelcoming hospital garments. Our gowns are high-quality, that helps eliminate infections in the chest-ports, and makes it easier to access every part of a patient's body. 

If you'd like to sponsor a gown for a specific a child or have any questions, please email us at info@bravegowns.com

When sponsoring these gowns, you may be asked to provide a shipping address at checkout. They will not ship to you. They will be shipped directly to children's hospitals. Not to you personally. -Thank you

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