Gift a Seacrest Studios Brave Gown to a Hospitalized Child

$ 30.00

We are excited to announce our collaboration with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation by launching the Seacrest Studios Brave Gown. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation believes that access to multimedia experiences brings patients exciting and stimulating adventures to encourage optimistic thoughts during treatment. Our newly designed hospital gown is the next step in creating the ultimate experience for every child to look and feel like a star when they enter a Seacrest Studio or engage in programming from their hospital room. Not only will you be putting a Seacrest Studios Brave Gown on a hospitalized child, net proceeds go towards supporting the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

To learn more about the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, please go to:

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Thank you!

*About Brave Gowns

Being a child in the hospital is often a traumatizing experience. We know first hand that the spirit of a child is very important to nurture, especially when hospitalized. Brave Gowns are vivid, soft gowns that replace uncomfortable and unwelcoming hospital garments.

Our high-quality gowns help eliminate infections in chest-ports, and make it easier to access every part of a patient's body to provide them with maximum privacy. 

If you checkout via PayPal, you may be asked to provide a shipping address. They will not ship to you. They will be shipped directly to Seacrest Studios within the children's hospitals. -Thank you