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Happy National Superhero Day 2018!

The traditional definition states that it's a fictional character, but thankfully in the urban dictionary, it's been redefined: "A being with extraordinary physical or mental powers, far beyond the range of normal human ability, who uses these powers to protect the innocent and for the general good." 

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Same Design, Fun New Superhero Colors

Thanks to a precious little boy, Matthew, we're adding new colors to our SUPERHERO gown! Green & yellow is the theme for September awareness month!  These children and families are true HEROES! I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. ~Christopher Reeve What is a Brave Gown?    The hospital gown that turns any frown upside down! Fight any illness with SUPERHERO POWERS! Brave Gowns were not only created to bring happiness and laughter, but to also be softer, more comfortable and more functional than any gown in...

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All Brave Gowns on Sale In Honor of My Brother & Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

  While many of us are getting ready for a long three day weekend and holiday barbecues and sending our children back to school, there are thousands of families that will be in the hospital just praying that their children make it through the night. I pray for them every night, because I remember how scary it was to be in that position on many of nights. With September being not only, Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, but also Blood Cancer Awareness Month, I'm listing all Brave Gowns at cost for only $25! It is with great hope that together we...

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