All Brave Gowns on Sale In Honor of My Brother & Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

All Brave Gowns on Sale In Honor of My Brother & Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

While many of us are getting ready for a long three day weekend and holiday barbecues and sending our children back to school, there are thousands of families that will be in the hospital just praying that their children make it through the night. I pray for them every night, because I remember how scary it was to be in that position on many of nights. With September being not only, Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, but also Blood Cancer Awareness Month, I'm listing all Brave Gowns at cost for only $25!
It is with great hope that together we can put a Brave Gown on thousands of children in the month of September! Know a child in a hospital? Gift them a gown! Know a child going in for an upcoming surgery? Gift them a gown! Know a family that might be interested in a Brave Gown? Share the page! With out raising awareness on the comfort, functionality and just the pure AMAZINGNESS of a Brave Gown, families won't know they exist! Most families order a Brave Gown and then come back and order three more. Children go through an average of three gowns per day due to blood, vomiting and fluid leakage. Let's do our best to make sure that one gown is a Brave Gown and turn a child into a SUPERHERO today! 
Love & miss you, Mac!
Turn a child into a SUPERHERO with a Brave Gown or make it even easier and gift them an e-gift card so they can pick out their favorite character!  “Children in their younger years find it difficult to differentiate between reality and fiction, and as such, the trait of superhuman strength is completely believable to them,” says Dr. Amy Bailey, a clinical psychologist at Kids First Medical Center, Dubai
Please share to show you care! 
Summer Germann

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