Brave Gowns Being Gifted Amongst Families Currently in Hospitals!

Brave Gowns Being Gifted Amongst Families Currently in Hospitals!

One of the most wonderful things about, The Brave Gown Journey, is watching families gift each other gowns! In the past few months, I've opened emails from families saying that their children love their Brave Gowns so much, that they started sending them as gifts to other families that will be in the hospital for long stays! Today, Iron Ethan & his mom, purchased gowns for a little girl that has been in the hospital since May. That's really one of the magical things about pediatric cancer and terminal illnesses. At a time when you're so consumed and in survival mode, the community is so tight that you want to spread all the hope you can amongst the families. It reminds me of when my brother, Mac, was receiving his STEM CELL transplant and he kept asking about his friend in the next room over, Megan Fong. She had passed away the night before and we didn't want to tell him during the transplant, but it's the perfect example of how selfless these children are.
It's wonderful to know that these families that are using, Brave Gowns, firsthand, see how soft, functional and magical the gowns really are! 
Thank you to all who have supported Brave Gowns over these past two years!
Summer Germann

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