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Bryson Best, a rising 3rd grader and kid Youtuber, recently started a business selling Coronavirus Kits to keep his family and friends safe during the pandemic. Bryson's Youtube Channel, The Kid Knows Sports, provides sports commentary from a kids' point of view. As his channel was gaining momentum earlier this year, professional and youth sports were cancelled due to COVID-19. But, Bryson quickly learned the power of the pivot. He shifted his focus and decided to expand his brand by selling The Kid Knows Sports Coronavirus Kits. These kits include a 2 oz hand sanitizer and a anti-microbial, washable face mask with his logo made by his friends at Brave Gowns. 

He's been working hard to perfect his sales pitch and fine tune his marketing strategy. He recently sold out of his first 50 kits and divided his proceeds into three jars: Give. Save. Spend. He donated $200 of his earnings to Baby Bundles, a Charlotte nonprofit that provides essential items for newborn babies to families in need. 
Keep up with Bryson via his Youtube channel , via Instagram at
Keep up with Bryson via his Youtube channel, via Instagram at
@thekidknowssports or his website 

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