$ 12.00

Super Sophie was the brightest light and the very bravest human being that has ever walked this earth. In her 10 years and 9 months on this earth, she impacted countless lives and hearts all over the world. She went through more than anyone should ever have to go through, battling a “rare” pediatric cancer, and she faced it with a grace and strength that most adults seek but are never able to attain in their lifetime. Her spirit was boundless. She had the most loving and kind heart and showed incredible empathy for other people’s pain and struggles, even when she was going through so much worse herself. She never, ever gave up. The world changed colors when she left it.

Which is why we will forever do our part to raise awareness for pediatric cancer and the hole it leaves behind in families lives. Please help us raise awareness and celebrate Super Sophie's 12th birthday by purchasing a mask. Net proceeds will be donated in honor of her birthday. Sophie may no longer physically be here, but she continues to make a difference in the world.

Thank you to all that continue to honor Sophie's and remember Sophie's life. Together we can continue to carry on her legacy.

Please send a picture of you or your family wearing the mask so that we can share them on her page to show the support from all over the world.