In 2015, Summer founded Happy Ditto, INC to have a larger impact to help the children and their families. Happy Ditto, Inc is a 501(c)3 founded in California. Happy Ditto is extremely passionate about donating Brave Gowns to children to provide them with a sense of normalcy while being in the hospital, sometimes months on end. Children have minimal control in their daily lives and especially when going through treatment for an illness. Becoming a superhero or their favorite character allows them to access a sense of power during this scary time. We believe there is nothing more magical than the innocence of a child. 

 Brave Gowns were created in memory of Summer's 10 year-old brother, are also on the market known as Starlight Gowns.When you donate, you're putting a Brave Gown directly on a child! If you would like the Brave Gowns that you're sponsoring to go to a specific hospital, please email 

Thank you!


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