In 2015, Summer founded Happy Ditto, INC to have a larger impact to help the children and their families. Happy Ditto, Inc is a 501(c)3 founded in California. Happy Ditto is extremely passionate about donating Brave Gowns to children to provide them with a sense of normalcy while being in the hospital, sometimes months on end. Children have minimal control in their daily lives and especially when going through treatment for an illness. Becoming a superhero or their favorite character allows them to access a sense of power during this scary time. We believe there is nothing more magical than the innocence of a child.

When you donate, you're putting a Brave Gown directly on a child! If you would like the Brave Gowns that you're sponsoring to go to a specific hospital, please email THANK YOU!

*Brave Gowns are currently being used in 380 hospitals and in seven countries. We have put over 350,000 children in gowns. With 3.4 million children being hospitalized in the US alone, we have a lot of work to do. We are by the families side to lend an ear or answer a question. We provide any service we can to make their treatment easier. Brave Gowns, created in memory of Summer's 10 year-old brother, are also on the market known as Starlight Gowns.

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