What are people saying about Brave Gowns?

What are people saying about Brave Gowns?

We are so happy to hear that people love Brave Gowns masks and gowns as much as we do! 

How beautiful are these 3? They look amazing in their Brave Gown masks. Erin (mom), thank you for sharing these pictures and why you love Brave Gowns. 

3 Generations Photo

Grandpa and granddaughter enjoyed a fun day at the apple orchard. We are so glad you love the masks, Grandpa Tony! 

 Grandpa and Granddaughter at the Apple Orchard

This little guy looks adorable in his Dino mask and what an amazing brother to accompany his little sister to her appointment to check her heart. Thanks for sending us this adorable picture, Abbey! 

 CHD Dino Brother

We love this quote from heart momma, Adrian: "A family who Brave Masks together stays healthy together." Are they not the most adorable family? 

Family in masks

We are so happy to hear cool Cannon feels "so cool" in his mask. 

Boy in hospital gown and mask

Christine, we love all the festivity and are so happy to hear that patients loved your mask! 

Patients loved it!

Cody was the winner randomly chosen to win 5 personalized masks! We hope you love them! 

Man in mask and sunglasses

So happy to hear that the gown and mask helped Jax through his scan. Thanks for sending this picture of your brave little guy, Danielle. 

Little boy in gown and mask

How perfect is the lion gown and mask for the "Lion Hearted Harlan"? 

Lion Gown and Mask

Thank you for your kind words, Jodi, and thanks for sharing this wonderful picture! 

Vote Mask

Kat, you and your husband look incredible rocking our Design-A-Mask Mina's smile masks! We can for sure tell in your eyes that "there is a smile behind this mask." 

Smile Masks

Kristen, thanks so much for sending this picture of you and your coworkers at the hospital. We are so glad they are keeping you and your patients protected while bringing lots of color to the hospital as well!

Hospital Crew wearing masks

 Laura, so thrilled to hear your granddaughter loves your mask too! What a beautiful grandma in such a fun mask! 

Lady in smiley mask

These sweet sisters look adorable in their matching masks for their check ups! 

Sisters in rainbow masks

Luann, Thanks so much for sending this wonderful picture of you and your husband in your Brave Masks! 

Couple in masks

Look at this beautiful aunt and her new niece! We are so happy to be able to be a part of big moments in people's lives! Thanks for sharing this, Nicole! 

Aunt and Niece

How adorable is this crew each in Brave Masks that fit their styles and personalities! 

Family at airport in masks

We are so happy to see Miss E and her big bro both so grown up and rocking Brave Masks. We especially love the gown Miss E is wearing in the wagon. Big bro picked out photographs for her personalized gown so he could be close to her during surgeries. 

Family in masks and gowns

This family is just darling in their masks. We cannot get enough of kiddos in the Dino mask. Every time we see a kid in it, we smile. 

Family in masks

How thoughtful and generous to think of your colleagues, Sue! This was the perfect mask for your team... #InThisTogether

Hospital Staff in Masks

This mom and daughter trio is just stunning in their matching dresses and we love their Brave Masks. Thanks for sharing lots of incredible pictures with us, Tiffany, we love them all! 

Mom and daughters in masks

How lovely is this picture of mom and son? Love everything about this picture and we loved making the mask of your sweet dog. 

Mom and Son


We love to hear from our customers! We'd love to see your pictures. Please email them to info@bravegowns.com. 

Lauren Backe

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