Summer Germann


Summer Germann


Thank you so much for everything you continue to do for all of us! Everyone always loves Avery’s gowns (and now masks) and wants to know where we got them and we are always happy to share your story (and contact information)! Never stop doing what you do. Your heart is behind Brave Gowns and it shows in everything you do! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

-Michelle Watts

Summer Germann

you are truly changing the world: one mask and gown at a time. Thanks for all you do!

Summer Germann

Aww Summer! Bless you and all at Brave Gowns! You have been so dedicated and worked so hard, and through it all, you have kept your humor and humanity when many were losing that battle. Thank you for being there for us! I bet it was insane to pull it all together with little time and add a new product line with the integrity you achieved! Take a bow Brave Gowns!! I’m so glad for the day I saw Tony Adkins (CHOC Dancing Doc) video about your masks. They are wonderful and passed the candle test with flying colors. If I had held the flame any closer to my face, I would’ve set myself on fire before I could blow out that candle. LOL! I have never looked for another kind since finding you! To add to the quality of the product itself, you and your staff are such beautiful people! You honor your brother at the highest level! The otter masks were a hit! You, Lauren and Erin did an awesome job! I hope they bring more attention to your mission!

Love and respect,
Cheryl (BC survivor)

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