Mr. T's Smile is Worth A Million Words

Mr. T's Smile is Worth A Million Words

Hi All!!!

It's a Sunday and I was working on new designs, while thinking about how thankful I am and how ironic life is. I have always said that I am just the vessel for Brave Gowns, but that is it. I have watched God, the Universe and the believers in Brave Gowns bring it to a level that I couldn't have ever done alone. The wonderful thing about Brave Gowns are that they bring people together from all over the world, because they are a product that you can't not love and root for. Last week my cousin was in a cab in Florida with a woman with cancer. He mentioned Brave Gowns and she knew exactly what they were and said she had purchase one for a child within the past year. I have received orders from California who then sent them to a child in Illinois whose mutual friend used to be my neighbor and reached out to me. There's a trail with Brave Gowns unlike anything I have ever witnessed. I have received calls from New Jersey, Australia, Tennessee and Washington from people in my past that have seen Brave Gowns on children they knew first hand. It's rare that a family purchases a gown and then the story ends there. There is so much heart and gratitude behind Brave Gowns that the village that fights to make Brave Gowns the new norm, carries on their hope and the vision to keep them alive and thriving. Last night, I received these texts from a friend in Wisconsin that I haven't seen in over 22 years. It's from Mr. T's mom, who knew that our mutual friend, Kelly, could get in contact with me personally.   



I was so touched to read her texts. The messages from the families are what drives me every day. These kids believe in Brave Gowns as much as I did when I first started and they give me the vision to continue the journey. They deserve the hope and comfort that Brave Gowns bring. What they battle is unlike anything you've ever seen, if you haven't witnessed it first hand be so darn thankful. Their smiles are real when wearing their Brave Gowns. They are my WHY in life. Our fight to bring Brave Gowns to all children's hospitals is easy compared to what the children are fighting. Please continue to help spread the good word of Brave Gowns on your end and I will continue to dive all in and be their voice. Happy Sunday and bless all these little heroes! 


Summer Germann

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