Iron Ethan Wins Body Part Bingo!

Iron Ethan Wins Body Part Bingo!

Ethan sure makes me smile! He has three Brave Gowns that he alternates regularly, but my favorite part of his pictures are his smile and that he does to play games! I'm not sure that we ever missed a Body Part Bingo at Children's Memorial! It was such a blast. You play it through our in room television and then if you win, you call in and the call goes live and they announce your name and room and then come in with your prizes! The competition gets real and it's so refreshing to forget where you are for even such a short time! I'm so glad Ethan won BODY PART BINGO in this picture!

Follow to read his story! Thank you to Ethan's mom, Ryanne, for sharing the pictures! We pray that you're all home soon!

Summer Germann

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