Holiday Design a Gown Giveaway!

Holiday Design a Gown Giveaway!

It’s that time again! Our Design a Gown giveaway! This one is a big one so let’s get get your classrooms, school, organization and hospitals on board 🙏 We want to see an amazing Holiday 2022 gown! The winning gown will get 500 gowns donated to Children’s Hospitals throughout the country! 🙌
Designing a gown is super easy, just print this out. And then let your imagination go wild! You can share this with your kids, your family and friends, your classmates, students or patients! Kids and adults alike can participate in creating something fun, creative and full of holiday magic!
 It’s such a fun way to get everybody involved and have the chance to win a fun donation from a few out our friends. We've had so many amazing submissions in the past so we know you'll all have something amazing to show us this time!
 We hope you’ll get started this weekend! All entries must be turned in by November 18th so we can make sure the gowns arrive to children for holidays! ❤️🙏🙌
Please send all submissions to
Zoe Trujillo

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