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It took nearly 100 years of women fighting and getting arrested for Women’s Rights. They paved the way for change and for companies like Brave Gowns to get to be all women ran. How incredible this that? 

1920: The First Woman Could Finally Vote 

1960: Women Could Open A Bank Account. 

1974: Women could finally open a credit card without their husband’s signature. Prior to this unmarried women weren’t allowed to have credit cards at all.

So thank you to women like RBG that led the way for us all and that remind us to fight for things we care about!

  • Our masks are reusable and machine washable

  • Made with two layers of antimicrobial fabric.

  • The soft, moisture wicking fabric helps to pull moisture away from the skin for more comfort & less mask-acne

  • Has a hidden flexible nose piece

  • Anti-Fog Feature

  • Used by Biotechs, Government Agencies, Hospitals, Military & Schools

  • Adults would choose the “Adult” size mask

  • Junior would be a better fit for ages 6-14

  • Proudly Made In The USA