Sponsor A Brave Gown For Six-Year-Old Caleb w/ Chiari Malformation-Sponsored

$ 25.00

This gown will be gifted to six-year-old Caleb who is going through treatment for Chiari malformation.  Chiari malformation is a problem in which a part of the brain (the cerebellum) at the back of the skull bulges through a normal opening in the skull where it joins the spinal canal. This puts pressure on parts of the brain and spinal cord

The cost covers the gown plus shipping. The gown will ship directly to the child from you personally. If you'd like to leave a personalized note, you may do so at checkout or email us at info@bravegowns.com 

At checkout, you may be asked to provide a shipping address. The gown will not ship to you. It will be shipped directly to the child. -Thank you