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“Only the vulnerable are at risk” Your “only” is my EVERYTHING! Sawyer was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia at eight days old and underwent a life saving liver transplant when the was nine months old. We cherish this second chance and will do anything and everything possible to protect him as well as all other high risk people through this terrifying time. Sawyer takes anti-rejection medication every day which suppresses his immune system making him more likely to get sick and more likely to have complications from becoming sick. With Sawyer being immunosuppressed we already take his health extremely seriously on a daily basis. We avoid large crowds, wash our hands very often and use hand sanitizer, Lysol everything that comes into the house including our groceries, and take our shoes off in the garage. I am so used to being extremely cautious, extremely clean, and extremely anxious. Sawyer’s entire life I have spent every moment of every day worrying about him being sick. Coronavirus (Covid-19) is one of the many illnesses we are worried about. Maybe it’s true that the vulnerable are more at risk of becoming severely sick if they catch coronavirus but we all love someone who is vulnerable and we need to protect them! Please help those who are more vulnerable. Please wash your hands often with soap and water and use hand sanitizer. Please stay home as much as possible. Please self quarantine if you are sick, have a sick family member in your home, or have been in contact with someone with coronavirus. Please stop over buying supplies you do not need. Please do not buy baby formula, diapers and wipes if you do not have a baby, those who have babies can’t get these essential items! Please do not stock pile medical supplies such as non reusable masks, those who need them can’t get them! Please help us protect Sawyer and other immunosuppressed people. Stay home! Wash your hands! Wear a reusable mask when you leave your home! The CDC is considering changing the official guidelines to encourage people to wear masks while in public during the coronavirus pandemic. Sawyer’s Biliary Atresia Journey is partnering with Brave Gowns to help provide as many masks as we can to both adults and children! If you are interested in buying a mask for you and your family members or donating masks to medical professionals we have designed a special mask to raise awareness of biliary atresia and organ donation while also flattening the curve!

Brave Gown face masks are made with an antimicrobial fabric. The soft, moisture-wick fabric is used to help pull moisture away from the skin for more comfort and easier breathing ability. 
Our masks are reusable and machine washable! They were created with an industrial designer, an engineer, fabric specialists and people in manufacturing for ever 30 years. 
Together we can help provide doctors, nurses, hospital staff and patients with the protection they need to keep themselves safe and help our loved ones.

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Thank you and Stay Safe!