Oona Striped Brave Gown

$ 25.00
Brave Gowns were not only created to bring happiness and laughter, but to also be softer, more comfortable and more functional than any gown in existence.
  • IV access on both sleeves 
  • Access to chest ports and heart monitors 
  • No need to unhook lines to take on or off
  • Full body access for maximum privacy
  • MRI friendly
  • Full back coverage
  • Reverse it to be worn as a wrap
  • As comfortable as your favorite t-shirt
  • Fun & lively designs to suit every personality 
  • Created with a hospital's Safety & Quality Manager 
  • Approved for even the most sensitive of skin
  • Gowns hold up to repeated high heat industrial washing 
  • Gowns have the highest non-flammability rating possible
  • All prints are made with water-based ink
  • Are the standard issued gowns in 27 hospitals
  • Worn by over 400,000 patients in 385 hospitals in seven countries.
  • Every gown is individually sealed to minimize infection
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