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We heard for Brave Gowns through a precious girl Super Sophie. When she went to heaven, we did a Brave Gown drive to fill Sacred Hearts Hospital with Brave Gowns for the holidays. It was very special. 

 Today, Summer from Brave Gowns, reached out asking us for help to support the brave kids in children's hospitals and those battling pediatric cancer. They have a waiting list of over 3,500 children and hospitals that need to be filled for the month of May. Together we can provide these children with sense of normalcy and a boost of bravery on their journey! Choose the gift of a Brave Gown to make a hospitalized child's experience more comfortable and reduce infections. Sponsor a Gift-A-Gown, and leave the rest to us! Let us do the work for you! It's the perfect way to spread a random act of kindness!

Thank you!

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