As COVID-19 has spread, we have seen an increase in people shopping online. To serve our customers while also helping to ensure the safety of our workers. We are working three shifts 24/7. All employees are wearing proper PPE at all times, while abiding by the six foot spacing rule.
How long will it take before my order ships? 
We are back to approximately 3-5 business days for your mask to be shipped, but unlike other compianes our masks and Brave Gowns are made on demand, so they are as fresh and sterile as possible.  Some items will arrive earlier. It really depends on the shipping end.
What are Brave Masks? 

Our masks are sporty and unlike anything else on the market. We changed the game in mask wear at a time we felt the world need to be protected, while feeling safe and showing their individual personality! Our masks are reusable and machine washable. They were created with the help of an industrial designer, engineers, fabric specialists and people in manufacturing for ever 30 years. 

Due to the fact that our masks have an anti-fog feature for those who wear glasses we have many municipalities, biotech companies, medical labs, government agencies and even the FCC using our masks. Brave Gown face masks are made with an antimicrobial fabric. The soft, moisture-wick fabric is used to help pull moisture away from the skin for more comfort and easier breathing ability. They also come individually sealed to arrive as sterile as possible after being pressed in extreme heat. Our goal is to protect you while you’re protecting us.

Our products are used in over 380 hospitals and in seven countries. We have always been proudly made in the USA.
Our factory is ran more like a tech company than a typical cut and sew factory. All orders are labeled, tracked and watched at all times. We can actually watch videos of your exact order being counted and packaged. Our masks are sublimated, not screen-printed. They will never wear or peel. They are soft to the touch. It's an incredible process to offer you the best product.  

How do I order? 
You can go to www.bravegowns.com or go specifically to our mask page:
Use this link to order: https://www.bravegowns.com/collections/masks

Can I place a custom order? 
Yes. Use this link to order and then send us an email at info@bravegowns.come with your logo or design you’d like. https://www.bravegowns.com/collections/masks/products/face-mask-custom
Custom orders start in quantities of 25 and you can email custom@bravegowns.com with any questions. 

Can I place one order to go to two separate addresses? 
Unfortunately, it's not an option. If you need masks to go to different addresses, you will need to place separate orders for each address. (Unless it’s sponsored masks- see above).

For example, if you want some shipped to your house in Illinois and if you want some shipped to your parents in California, you will need to place two separate orders. 

How much does a mask cost? 
$9 each they are supposed to retail at $15 per mask but our number one goal is to stop the spread.
All of our masks are made on demand so they are fresh and as sterile as possible. We are proud to be a minimal waste company. We make only what is already purchased and has a home, so your order is made specifically for you. We begin making your order as soon as you submit it. It’s really a neat process. The order goes directly from your computer to the printer, where it begins printing and then is cut, sewed, individually packaged and shipped.
Large orders take a bit longer. We have a separate sew line for individual orders vs bulk orders to keep production running smoothly.  
Our masks can be work alone or over an N95 mask to protect the longevity of your hospital issued masks. 
We have no minimums for ordering. We want everyone protected, so EVERYONE can purchase our masks. 

What is the difference between a junior size and an adult size? Which size should I order?
All adults would choose the adult size mask when selecting a size.
The junior size would be a better fit for age 5-11. 
The size of the mask that covers the face is identical between the two sizes. However the straps that loop around the ears are different lengths to suit different faces. Please let us know if you need help adjusting the masks.

Do you make kid size masks? 
Our toddler size is great for 2-5. Our junior size is likely a good fit for ages 5-14. The CDC doesn’t recommend children two and under to wear masks.

What if I didn’t get an order confirmation email?
It likely got blocked or bounced back. We can easily resend it.

Will I get a shipping confirmation email? 
Yes.. The minute USPS puts it in their system, you’ll receive an email. You will be provided a tracking number in this email. 
Thank you for your order and patience. Remember, you get what you pay for. Our masks are worth the wait.

Custom Masks and Upload Your Photo Here Masks:

While we believe in the freedom of speech and love the diversity of our customers and friends of Brave Gowns, we will maintain true our brands moral standards. Our first priority is to always protect the innocence of children. We can't nor will print mask that:

  • Violate the intellectual property rights of others 
  • Encourage violence or hatred against individuals or groups
  • Attack, harass, or defame others based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, disability, national origin, or sexual identity
  • Include hate speech or symbols
  • Promote, feature, or encourage the use of hard drugs
  • Feature explicit sexual content or nudity of a non-artistic/health/medical nature
  • Include sexually suggestive images or text involving children
  • Promote, feature, or encourage underage drinking, smoking, or marijuana use
  • Include crass vulgarity, lewd language, or swear words
  • Feature less-explicit sexual content or nudity, including images of an artistic/health/medical nature
  • Have an overtly sexually connotation or tone, including strong sexual innuendo
  • Include violent events, terms, or images, such as historical images of violence
  • May promote, feature or encourage illegal activity
  • Advocate for one party in a pending legal dispute
  • Might cause public anger or inspire violence

*All products are made on demand, automatically when ordered. So it is a custom product just for you. We are a small shop fulfilling big shoes. Due to the nature of the product and risk of infection, gowns and masks are non-returnable or refundable upon placing the order.

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