Sponsor A Brave Gown For Brittany's Wonderful Husband, a Teacher, Recovering From a Coma

$ 25.00

"This gown would be for my wonderful husband of 10 years (and father to our 8 year old daughter) who has had 19 hospital stays in the last 2 years after he developed ideopathic acute pancreatitis, which developed into chronic pancreatitis recently. He is in the hospital on average 8-10 days at a time and is often in excruciating pain. One of his stays this year was 70 days long, started with a 3 week coma, and ended with a feeding tube because the attack was so severe. A custom hospital gown would do wonders for lifting his spirits and making him feel more comfortable. He is also losing his job as a teacher very soon due to all of his hospital stays, so our family doesn’t have extra money right now."

The cost covers the gown plus shipping. The gown will ship directly to the child from you personally. If you'd like to leave a personalized note, you may do so at checkout or email us at info@bravegowns.com 

At checkout, you may be asked to provide a shipping address. The gown will not ship to you. It will be shipped directly to the child. -Thank you