The Hoss Foundation and Brave Gowns

The Hoss Foundation and Brave Gowns

The Hoss Foundation is doing some amazing things 🙌 It was founded by former NFL quarterback Jeff Hostetler and his wife Vicky and together they’ve donated over 350 gowns so far and aren’t stopping any time soon! The work they are doing to help others recover from countless hardships is incredible and we’re so honored to be partnered with them ❤️ 

In the words of the Hoss Foundation:
We are delivering another order of @bravegowns to @wvumedicinechildrens tomorrow and we are very excited for the NEW Birthday ones! We hope this will bring an extra smile to the birthday child’s face. These Brave Gowns are more than just a gown to these children, they are a bad day truned into a great day by becoming their favorite character or person.  We are excited to share that our Foundation has been able to donate over 350 gowns!  To donate visit our website at www.

Zoe Trujillo

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