Sometimes You Have To Go Back, Celebrate Small Victories & Remember The Why!

Sometimes You Have To Go Back, Celebrate Small Victories & Remember The Why!

*Since this magical day, CHLA has placed another order, because the gowns were such a hit!

Brave Gowns Clinical Trial Started & I Wanted to Share the Day with You!

I took me longer than expected, so I pull up right on time, not what I originally hoped for. Thankfully God & the universe had my back, because you see that white car right there? Well, that car was pulling away right as I was pulling up and not only was it the only spot on the block, it was also the closest spot (on the street) to the entrance. It was especially helpful due to the heaviness of the box of Brave Gowns, which leads me to the box...

This here box was filled with the 200 Brave Gowns. It's a heavy little box. I made it about four steps from my car to that bench when I started to see stars because I didn't have it gripped correctly. I regrouped, took a deep breath and hustled to the next bench about 75 feet away.

The next bench happened to be right by the entrance and I made it! It might not have been graceful, but I got there and that's when I saw said sign behind the bench which read "valet!" I'm thinking they would have let me pull up and unload the box there, had I known...

Then I went inside, but there was about a 10 family wait to be able to speak with the information booth, so set the box off to the side and got in line. That's I looked over and happened to see this...

I laughed out loud! I mean, look how much Brave Gowns were already helping children and they weren't even out of the box yet!

The lady checked me in and I went to grab the box! That's when a nice women offered me a wagon! She was a lifesaver...literally! She was a nurse...

Up, up and away we go! Sixth floor, here we come!

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love the doctor that is doing the trial. She's a tough, but gentle woman from Milwaukee, which made me even more fond of her. She could have easily have been a long lost aunt and runs the Pre & Post Op. Fun little fact here...For Pre & Post Op, they have to provide two gowns to each patient. One to cover the front and one to cover the patients back to have access to both. However, Brave Gowns eliminate this problem and the patients can move around comfortably in only one BRAVE GOWN! Well, back to the doctor, it just so happened that she felt the same way about the box as I did, so we took all the gowns out of the box and spread them all over her room so the nurses could come grab them as the pleased!

I gave here a hug, which actually might have scared her a bit, and I was on my way crying with gratitude. By the time I got to my car, I already had the image below from the doctor saying "the nurses loved them so much that they wanted to wear the gowns too!"

                                 (mind you they're not the right size ;)

                                            How adorable are they?

Did I mention that she made me take the empty box? I told you Ioved her!

So, I pulled away from the hospital and had talk radio on. Ok, I actually still had Joel Osteen on from the ride in and out of no where it switched to jazz. It was so out of no where that Iooked down and the radio and there it was...


It's our thing. Mac was watching. He was proud. He was letting me know it's all going to be ok! I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and for once...I exhaled, but then I quickly opened my eyes because I realized I was driving!

Last picture...

It was the first day in a year and a half that I realized I might actually get to finally change my toe nail polish color. It's called "Eternal Optimist" and I can't change it until there's a huge movement for Brave Gowns, because I swear it's brought me the most luck ever! Every time I try to wear something else, I lose my mojo, I swear...

Thank you all for being on this journey with me! It's been such a gift...

Watch out world, we have a lot work to do!

Kindly & Blessed,


Summer Germann

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