So Many Reasons To Be Grateful! This is Karter.

I logged on to write a list of things I'm grateful for, which is so darn much, even though I can't get out of my own head this week. When I did, I found a family that has the love of a two year-old boy with cancer as we did for Mac. They tried to get a hold of me every which way possible, which is just what I would do. It was the aunt and I loved her from the get-go.
Here's what one message read:
He is a 2T, loves the beach and boogie boarding.. I found you on facebook, messaged you and then figured you didn't sere my message because we are not friends... So then I added you on fb so you can see the message but I don't think it was approved - that's ok! I am just trying every which way to get a hold of you. After searching your website and reading your story I immediately became angry.. A medical error. Wow. You took my breath away. I am happy to see that you found good in the worst situation and have made it a mission to help others. I couldn't love this idea more. Please let me know you got this ASAP - Thank you :)
Initially, I didn't realize Karter was just diagnosed with Neuroblastoma last week. You can find his story on Facebook as Saving Karter. He took my breath away. He has the blonde hair, blue eye of Mac and he loves the water and to surf. I'm pretty sure Mac sent this story my way, to remind me that there's a reason I'm doing this and to never forget. He wants a "Muscleman" Brave Gown because he loves the ocean and his dad has tattoos. My new favorite quote is "Rough seas make the best sailors."-Ghandi. Isn't that the darn truth! Please send a prayer out to his family. They are good people.
So when I keep posting about Give-A-Gowns and ways to help, don't let it drive you nuts, please just know that it is because Brave Gowns goes for weeks without getting one gown sponsored and I get story after story like this and behind every story, there's an adorable child, with a family that is scared beyond belief! If Brave Gowns give them a little hope, then a Brave Gown they shall get!
2,200 gowns to go for the month of July. Will you be one of the 2,200 people to sponsor a gown to be part of this journey?

or if you want to make a donation for a write-off please go to
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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