My Grandpa and Mac Went To Heaven Within A Month of Each Other

My Grandpa and Mac Went To Heaven Within A Month of Each Other

This is a picture of my grandpa, Mac and I. Yes, I had a flannel on over my prom dress. You know that old saying, you can dress a girl up...sums me up well. 😉 I just read a story of a family that is going through such a similar situation, so I thought I’d share ours because I talk about it in person, often. Their father died unexpectedly on Monday and today they were told their little daughter was going into palliative care. Well, when Mac was diagnosed I had zero...yes zero...loss in life. So we knew Mac would be fine. God wouldn’t want him in heaven all alone without us. And then, after a year into Mac’s treatment, my grandpa passed away unexpectedly. We were devastated! And to make matters worse, we would be traveling to Nashville for a for his funeral. We all loved him way too much to miss it and my grandma needed us. It also had to be Nashville, because our family wowed Loretta Lynn’s property, until she purchased it and since there were so many generations of our family buried on it, we had a clause in the sale, where all Cooley’s can still be buried there together. My grandpa wanted to be laid to rest by his parents. His mom had died from cancer when he was 10. So now we were left with having to leave Mac in the hospital (with his person of choice) for a night so we could all go to my grandpa’s funeral. We barely closed the door when even going to the bathroom, more or less ever left Mac in his hospital room. He ended up picking my uncle’s most immature friend to stay with him, which was perfect and we knew he’d be fine! So the following month, the eve of Thanksgiving when Mac when went to heaven from a medical error, we all said that we were glad my grandpa had died. His heart wouldn’t have been able to handle the loss of Mac. It wouldn’t have made sense to him and he would have been shattered. So we were glad he didn’t have to endure the pain with us. It also brought us a little and I stress “a little” peace knowing that they were up there together! Thank you all for your support of Brave Gowns and fighting the good fight with me! When you buy a Brave Gown, you’re helping keep Mac’s legacy alive! Alone, I am one. Together, we are unstoppable! ⚡️
Summer Germann

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