"Hey Carter, It's The Creator of Brave Gowns! She's "Like" A Real Live Person."

"Hey Carter, It's The Creator of Brave Gowns! She's "Like" A Real Live Person."

On Friday I received a call from Carter's family. Carter was the little boy that was having surgery, but his gown was stuck at a USPS facility for a couple weeks. I had no idea he hadn't received it, but when the family friend that ordered the gown called me, I shipped it overnight. You can somewhat follow the story below and then I'll get back to my point...

"I'm sharing this, not for a pat on the back, but to show you all who support and believe in Brave Gowns that I am doing everything I can to keep a journey for the children. A little 7 year-old boy is having heart surgery on Monday and I was notified that he didn't receive the gown. I tracked it and it got lost last week in PA. So within 5 minutes I was off to the post office to get a gown overnighted to him so it would get there in time. It cost $64 out of my pocket for the additional gown and the shipping. That is minuet in the big picture, but had it not been for someone sponsoring the Give A Gown, I wouldn't have had one on hand to replace it, so this is the point of my story!!! Thank you for supporting Give A Gown, for if you didn't, we wouldn't have been able to get this gown to the boy on time!!! Thank you all!" http://bravegowns.com/products/donate-a-gown

Now back to the story. Carter's family called to say how much he loved the gown and now that they are home from the successful "13th Surgery" and he can even swim a bit with friends. They also wanted to know what to do with the extra gown. The answer was of course "PAY IT FORWARD!" So, Carter is hand delivering to a child at Lutheran General next time he goes in for a check-up, which is next Friday.  He was so excited in the background. The dad said to Carter, "Do you want to talk to the creator of Brave Gowns? She's like a real-live person that actually called us back!" (Of course this made me laugh out loud). Carter was too shy to talk, but he was yelling in the background to say that he loved being a superhero and that the gown was so soft and a 10!!!! A perfect 10!

What an amazing way to start my morning! Thank you Carter for giving me the strength to push for Brave Gowns today! You're a blessing little buddy!

To support children on our waiting list at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles and St. Jude, please go to http://bravegowns.com/products/donate-a-gown to sponsor a gown!

Be a blessing in someone's day today!


Summer Germann

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