Remind a child how strong they are by gifting them with the "MUSCLEMAN" Brave Gown! Brave Gowns are the perfect gift for a child battling an illness or going in for a surgery! Not only do Brave Gowns bring a smile to a child's face, they are t-shirt like soft, have dual IV sleeve access and full back coverage! Once a child puts a Brave Gown on, it's hard to get them out of it! 

As Paul Y. Song, MD Radiation Oncologist/ Husband of Lisa Ling wrote:

"At a time when many kids' bodies, physical appearance, and self esteem are ravaged by cancer and their associated treatment, Brave Gowns provides a wonderful source of comfort, joy, and much needed fun. It also makes access to wounds and IV ports much easier for healthcare providers. Above all, it is a very thoughtful solution for a very vulnerable patient population." 

Purchase a gown today or sponsor a gown on our waiting list for a child currently at ST JUDE at

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