Sometimes A Picture Really is Worth A Thousand Words...

I opened a drawer today that I open every day and out of no where, this picture was right on top. I've held on to it all day as staring in his eyes was a little over whelming for me. This picture embodies his spirit though, because if he could, he always walked Chad and I out to the elevator if he could (IV pole, monitors and all) regardless of how bad he felt. I also had to laugh:
1. Because if you can see the note on the pole it is reads "Please, Please, Please" give Mac a Popsicle when flushing out his lines. When the clean PIC and IV lines known as a flush, Mac swore you could taste it and if you didn't give him a Popsicle when you were flushing them he just plain old swore at you...

2. Under the yellow hospital gown, which should now be replaced with Brave Gowns, are his motocross pants & sweatshirt which was so Mac. When he was home from a stint the the hospital, infection was very high. He was supposed to rest. Mac ended up taking his dirt bike out through the trails, hit a jump, went about 10 feet in the air, fell and got up laughing with his chest port lines in all with Rider on his bicycle behind him....A day in the life of Childhood Cancer...




Give A Gown Today For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! All gowns will be going directly to Lurie's Children's Hospital in Chicago on behalf of Mac and all the children battling illnesses. We currently know way too many children being treated there! xo

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