What Doctors & The Medical Industry Are Saying About Brave Gowns!

What Doctors & The Medical Industry Are Saying About Brave Gowns!

"At a time when many kids' bodies, physical appearance, and self esteem are ravaged by cancer and their associated treatment, Brave Gowns provides a wonderful source of comfort, joy, and much needed fun. It also makes access to wounds and IV ports much easier for healthcare providers. Above all, it is a very thoughtful solution for a very vulnerable patient population." -Paul Y. Song, MD Radiation Oncologist/ Husband of Lisa Ling


"Your hospital gown design will make children feel more dignified and safe, and will make them smile. The design is whimsical and the child can feel more playful. I have showed the gown to everybody who comes to my office and they all love it!"-COO of Miller's Children's Hospital & Former Oncologist

 From the founder of the Starlight Foundation and trustee for Happy Ditto, Peter Samuelson:

May I please introduce you here to the remarkable young woman I just had breakfast with, who has, I believe, a huge idea to benefit hospitalized children? Summer Germann has addressed a huge psycho-social need since hospital gowns were invented 150 years ago, and have barely improved since.  They are part of the frightening, dis-empowering experience for an average child being hospitalized. Summer’s gowns, designed with strong input from Child Life and nurses, are not only much better functionally, but are vastly more graphically child-friendly.

Summer Germann

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