91 Gowns Down Only 409 To Go!!!!

91 Gowns Down Only 409 To Go!!!!

Hi All,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone that has shared to posts and taken the time to sponsor a gown!

I also wanted to just bow my head in gratitude to @TeamRyan and @CenterCutCook who are not only Mile's parents, but Ryan is also on his 60th round round of chemo and Ashley somehow manages to keep up her blog while taking Miles to his almost daily dialysis treatments and taking care of their home and Ryan's needs as well. So on top off all this, they shared my post with their followers and together we are at 91 gowns! 59% of those gowns were directly from @TeamRyan! I'm constantly amazed by the people that reach out to support other's journeys. It would be so easy for them to feel that they had enough on their plate, but instead they reach out to do more.

I just wanted to thank them personally as I am forever humbled by their generosity, their family, their kindness and their willingness to always do more!

GODSPEED, My Friends.


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Summer Germann

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