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‘Thank You Face Mask’:


Thank you for being you. This is a friendly reminder that you are unique and no one can replace you.


*About Lyon

“Life is about pushing through discomfort and overcoming pain to never let anything stop you from truly living live to the fullest.”

Lyon Herron embodied this mentality from an early age, long before founding Ly&Co. Born with a rare genetic mutation called Gardner's Syndrome, at age 4 Lyon had developed a golf ball-sized tumor in his hip. By 7, he had developed tens of thousands of cancerous polyps.

From there, it was colon cancer. Countless rounds of chemotherapy. Stem cell treatment. Healers in Brazil. A 6-pound desmoid tumor. 
All before the age of 15…
For many, Gardner’s Syndrome is a source of great suffering. One that spells the end of “normalcy.” To Lyon, his disease was a calling. One that empowered him to build mental fortitude and share this unshakable attitude with the world.  
In his battle, he found his voice.

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  • Our masks are reusable and machine washable

  • Made with two layers of antimicrobial fabric.

  • The soft, moisture wicking fabric helps to pull moisture away from the skin for more comfort & less mask-acne

  • Has a hidden flexible nose piece

  • Anti-Fog Feature

  • Used by Biotechs, Government Agencies, Hospitals, Military & Schools

  • Adults would choose the “Adult” size mask

  • Junior would be a better fit for ages 6-14

  • Proudly Made In The USA

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