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When we read Jayden's story, we knew we had to find a way to help!  Net proceeds from the purchase of this mask designed by his family will go directly towards supporting their needs. This mask is the perfect way to protect yourself while helping protect their family. Together we will all help them get through this. Please send them pictures of you wearing his mask so Jayden can see the support from all over the world.
Jayden's Story In His Mom's Words:
Jayden was just a normal kid he was just playing in the pool and jumping around on a Monday and on a Tuesday he woke up with his stomach hurting and it wouldn't go away and then he started crying so I knew something was wrong so we went to our local ER. They ran his blood work and seen that his hemoglobin was a 7 and its supposed to be a 12 to 14 at his age. And I told them a few months ago at his check up it was a 9. But his doctor said it was just an iron deficiency. But the ER doctor was concerned and wanted to do a CT scan. And the results were a shock he told us Jayden had several tumor growths in his spleen 8 that he could see with the biggest being 4.2 cm. He said we need to go to Children's Hospital in Birmingham to have his Speen removed to get the cancer out, he sent us home and told us to go to his doctor first thing the next morning and we did and she sent us straight to Birmingham. We get there and the ER doctor there tells us we see the tumors in his Spleen but we also see a shadow of a tumor on his heart so we need to get yall emitted and get a CT of his chest and neck. We had a team of doctors come to our room and show us the scans to the CT. And it shows he has several tumors through his body but the biggest is on his heart. It is massive when we looked at the scan i thought it was a organ but when they said it was the tumor I thought i would pass out it is 11cm deep chest to back. 9cm tall and 8 cm wide. And it's wrapped around his heart, spinal cord and all the values are wrapped through it. They said its bigger that a Softball. So they tell us he needs a biopsy a bone marrow and a picc line in his arm. First they said he would be asleep for everything then they said because of where the Tumor is its to dangerous to put him to sleep because they can't get a tube down his throat. So then they say he will be on strong pain meds and wouldn't feel it well the surgern was to scared to even do that just incase he would have to be intubated and couldnt. So my 9 year old son went it the operating room and felt everything the bone marrow the picc line and the biopsy. His family life person was crying because she said they have never had a kid go in and not be alseep or at least sedated. That Is when we really new the extent of his Tumor. So they put a rush on the biopsy and say they believe its Hodgkins lymphoma they will know for sure Thursday All this has been so fast with no signs from Jayden. It's such a long road ahead but Jayden is so strong and we will fight this together.
Thank you.

*About the masks
Our masks are sporty and unlike anything else on the market. We changed the game in mask wear at a time we felt the world need to be protected, while feeling safe and showing their individual personality! Our masks are reusable and machine washable. They were created with the help of an industrial designer, engineers, fabric specialists and people in manufacturing for ever 30 years. 
We have many municipalities, biotech companies, medical labs, government agencies  using our masks. Brave Gown face masks are made with an antimicrobial fabric. The soft, moisture-wick fabric is used to help pull moisture away from the skin for more comfort and easier breathing ability.
Our products are used in over 380 hospitals and in seven countries. We have always been proudly made in the USA.

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!

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