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The "You Are Safe Angel" mask is a reminder that you are safe and protected. The image is an original "You Are Safe Angel" painting created by artist, Ané Vecchione, who makes angel paintings to watch over family and friends. Each painting, made of sparkles and gems, brings healing energy to the person or home it was created for. 

She has partnered with Brave Gowns on "You Are Safe Angel" masks to watch over you and keep you safe wherever you may go. It is her hope that these masks will be a gentle and loving reminder that you are never alone and are always protected by your angels. 


 To contact the artist, email



                         SIZE SMALL WOULD BE A BETTER FIT FOR AGE 6-14

Our masks are sporty and unlike anything else on the market. We changed the game in mask wear at a time we felt the world need to be protected, while feeling safe and showing their individual personality! Our masks are reusable and machine washable. They were created with the help of an industrial designer, engineers, fabric specialists and people in manufacturing for ever 30 years. 

We have many municipalities, biotech companies, medical labs, government agencies  using our masks. Brave Gown face masks are made with an antimicrobial fabric. The soft, moisture-wick fabric is used to help pull moisture away from the skin for more comfort and easier breathing ability.

Our products are used in over 380 hospitals and in seven countries. We have always been proudly made in the USA.

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!
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