$ 12.00
Our sweet Hazel was diagnosed with stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma in May 2020, only a couple of months after her third birthday. Childhood cancer is an evil thing, and Neuroblastoma seems to be one of the heavyweight hitters. Of the approximately 700 children who will be diagnosed this year, half will not survive five years. Can you imagine? These children deserve to grow up, follow their passions, fall in love, invent new products and medicines, cure cancers, create art, start their own families. Hazel deserves all of this! I need to see who my little girl is meant to be. Neuroblastoma is so heterogeneous – the genetic makeup of the tumor, the progression of the disease, the areas affected in the body. Treatment is standardized, but the disease is not. We are battling her cancer with the standard protocols, but if her disease does not respond favorably, we will travel far and wide, seek other opinions, and explore clinical trials no matter the cost, as long as our little girl has fight left in her and as long as she retains an agreeable quality of life. The future needs Hazel. Our family needs Hazel.