Team Emery Strong Mask

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8/2/19, we found ourselves on the phone with the specialist, only to hear the words, “I’m sorry, Emery has cancer.”

Much like cases of shock are depicted in movies and tv shows, the sound in my ears immediately went out and my vision got blurry. With tears in my eyes and running down my face, I tried to write down information that was swirling in the air above my head but I couldn’t even hold the pen, much less remember how to form letters. I wrote down the words being said “rhabdomyosarcoma,” “chemotherapy,” and “radiation” defining the exact moment that would change the rest of our lives.

Emery is a happy, yet very sassy 2yr old girl, Emery has to undergo 40 weeks of chemotherapy for Embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma (ERMS), 23 days of radiation, she has already underwent multiple surgeries including a hysterectomy. Only 4% of the billions of dollars that are annually spent on cancer research and treatments are directed towards treating childhood cancer. #EmeryStrong masks were designed to spread awareness for childhood cancer!

Through it all... WE FIGHT! #EmeryStrong
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