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More than 3 million children are hospitalized in the United States. Every 33 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer, and that's just one reason that children are admitted to the hospital.
Eighteen years ago on Halloween, my family became one of those statistics. Little did we know we were about to be faced with the fight of our lives. My brother, my only sibling, was only ten-years-old. I was 15 years-old older than Mac. We went from an office visit to driving straight to Children's Memorial, directly to the fight of our lives. Mac ended up spending just over a year in the hospital.
Halloween Day, 2001 to the eve of Thanksgiving 2002. I wish my story had a happy ending and I can tell you that my brother lived, but he is in heaven. He fought a battle that they said was impossible, but he beat it. In the end, he went to heaven due to a medical error. 
My favorite memory of our journey was the following year once again on Halloween. My brother was in the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) and couldn't Trick or Treat. He was laying there in a dingy, pale yellow hospital gown that looked like it had been washed hundreds of times. There was nothing festive about it. It did not represent his personality or the holiday that he so loved! So I painted his face like a zombie. We were laughing so hard at that moment. Life felt a bit "normal" during this horrible time, but then we got in so much trouble! His skin practically peeled off as we were trying to wipe off the makeup.  All I could see behind the face cloth was his smile. Mac looked so happy, just as a ten-year-old boy should.  
It took twelve years, but because of that moment, Brave Gowns were created. Please help us finish our goal by filling St. Jude for the holidays in honor of Mac!
  • IV access on both sleeves 
  • Access to chest ports and heart monitors 
  • No need to unhook lines to take on or off
  • Full body access for maximum privacy
  • MRI friendly
  • Full back coverage
  • Reverse it to be worn as a wrap
  • As comfortable as your favorite t-shirt
  • Fun & lively designs to suit every personality 
  • Created with a hospital's Safety & Quality Manager 
  • Approved for even the most sensitive of skin
  • Gowns hold up to repeated high heat industrial washing 
  • Gowns have the highest non-flammability rating possible
  • All prints are made with water-based ink
  • Are the standard issued gowns in 27 hospitals
  • Worn by over 400,000 patients in 385 hospitals in seven countries.
  • Every gown is individually sealed to minimize infection
  • Proudly MADE IN THE USA 


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