Please Help "Brave Minds" Bring "Brave Gowns" To Teens Newly Diagnosed With An Illness

$ 25.00

Please Help Brave Minds Project Bring "Brave Gowns" and "Trust Journals" to patients and their families while helping them also navigate through the uncertainties they must endure upon receiving their diagnosis. 

 Brave Minds Project raises awareness and funds while providing support to patients aged 10 to 29-years-old who have been diagnosed with brain and brainstem conditions. Our mission is to provide support at every stage of the journey, from diagnosis to recovery.

Alyssa had the lightbulb moment to create Brave Minds Project as she was preparing to celebrate a very big milestone: the 10 year anniversary of her brainstem surgery.

She was just 15-years-old when doctors found a cavernoma lodged deep in her brainstem, often referred to as a ‘cavernous malformation’. To put it in layman’s terms, Alyssa had a cluster of abnormal blood vessels, that resembled raspberries, located deep in her brainstem. Each time these blood vessels bled, it would put pressure on the nerves in the surrounding area. For Alyssa, this affected the 6th & 7th cranial nerves on the right side of her face, primarily affecting her right eye and smile.

When she was 18, her cavernoma bled again, causing even more damage. It was then that her doctors advised her that it was time to remove what they could of this cavernoma. As one doctor put it, she was a ‘ticking time bomb’, and not removing it could potentially cause even more damage. Although the risks were tremendously high, Alyssa underwent brain surgery just a few days after her high school graduation.

Fast forward 10 years: Alyssa is taking what this crazy journey has taught her and creating what she hopes will be a community and an outlet for those who are in the same position Alyssa and her family once were.

When Alyssa came across Brave Gowns, she knew right aways that there was such a need for them amongst the teen patients. While everyone does their best to donate gifts and products at children's hospitals, most of them are geared towards the younger patients. The teen inspirational Brave Gown line is the perfect addition to the bags that The Brave Minds Project gifts to the patients going through treatment around the same age that Alyssa was. 

Alyssa’s mission is to create a community that fosters hope and provides patients with the assurance they need to know that they too can live life to the fullest despite what they may currently be facing. Please help us provide tweens and teens with Brave Gowns that are not only bright and uplifting, but will be personally designed by The Brave Mind Project personally. These gowns provide a bit of normalcy, dignity and courage at a time the patients need it most! The emotional support that Brave Gowns provide is not only beneficial to the patient, but also to the caregivers, little siblings and hospital staff.

Being a child stuck in the hospital over the is tough. Having to wear an old, uncomfortable hospital gown makes the experience even worse. Brave Gowns are a variety of bright, fun, lively designs to suit every child's personality. No more dingy, lifeless pastel gowns that look and feel as if they have been washed numerous times. Brave Gowns transform the spirit of a child and allow them to travel using their imaginations, wherever their hearts desire!

We are so enthusiastic about our gowns because they are not your standard hospital gowns! Brave Gowns have gone through extensive Clinical Pilots in the children's hospital network and were created with the input of a transplant team at Lurie's Children's Hospital. Not only do they have fun prints that cover the entire front like costumes; they are made out of an amazingly soft fabric that resembles your soft, favorite t-shirt, or nightgown! They have IV access on both sleeves, access to chest ports and heart monitors. No more having to worry about a draft or the back opening. While the gowns are softer then you can even imagine, they meet all hospital standards and hold up to industrial washings competing with gowns being offered currently.  Brave Gown is a high-quality gown, that helps eliminate infections in chest port and makes it easier to access every part of a patient's body!