BPIDHB Bingo Card Beach Towel

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Size: NA
Instructions from the one and only Caissie St. Onge:
Collect a bunch of pebbles or seashells from the beach to use as markers. Print out these instructions and cut out the two rows of squares below and put them in separate piles. To play, draw one paper square from the first pile (for example: In the last week, have you…”) then draw one paper square from the second pile (for example: Cried in Public?) If you have cried in public in the last week, use a pebble or shell to mark off that space. Keep drawing from the first pile, then the second pile and covering the spaces that apply to you. First one to get 5 squares in a row wins! Or if you’re by yourself, you win, while also taking a fun trip down memory lane!”

Want to change the game up? Add a time frame to it to make it a little tricker!
“Yesterday, have you…” “Today, have you…” “In the last week, have you…” “In the last month, have you…” “In the last 6 months, have you…” “In the last year, have you…” “In the last two years, have you…” Make it fun and unique to you.
Don't forget to send us pictures of you playing BHIDHB bingo, your way!
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