$ 12.00

Maddie is an incredible, strong 6th grade heart transplant recipient. When we read that she was going to go through treatment we new we needed to help any way we could. We brought Maddie's vision to life and created a mask visually designed by Maddie personally. All net proceeds will go to Maddie's family to help where needed. 

About Maddie's story:

Maddie’s lab test came back and she is making donor antibodies which means she is rejecting her heart.....the type we really don’t want. We already knew about her mild cellular rejection but this is much different. Anti-body mediated rejection is a type of chronic rejection that is much more serious.

We are super worried for her and ask for lots and lots of prayers, thoughts, good vibes as we enter into uncharted waters. Navigating a way to tell Maddie about this was extremely difficult. We didn’t give her all the details and avoided the term rejection and even then she was very upset.She is such a strong, resilient girl and I have no doubt she will battle through this like the fierce heart warrior she is.

Please help show support for her family and send pictures of you and your family wearing her mask to not only being strength to Maddie, but a smile to her face! Thank you